Procurement of Instrumentation and Machineries

Contrato número LA-2019/409-299 “Suministro de equipamientos informáticos y equipo para el laboratorio del Sistema Nacional de la Calidad del CENAME y los laboratorios de Ensayo del MAGA y el MSPAS – LOT 1”

The purpose of the contract is the supply, delivery, unloading, installation and commissioning of the following IT equipment including:

Servers, NETWORK Server UPS, Desktop PCs, UPS for desktop PCs, Laptops,

Multifunction printer for high workload, Dot matrix printer, Monochrome laser printers, Label printers, Multifunction printer (for desktop use) Projectors, Tablets (Tablet), Code reader Video conferencing equipment, 24-port switch, 8-port switch External hard drive, GPS, Hybrid Telephone Station.

  • Country Guatemala
  • Starting date 2020
  • Completion date On going
  • Amount 303.405,89
  • Donors EU (European Union)